Steel Track Update

Steel as opposed to plastic reel track to reduce likelihood of breakage and wear. Jog section includes 1/4 curve section to reduce number of pieces needed.  

Anti-Vibration Kit

Machined drive arm bolt w/ nut & washer,

1/2" trough support (Harvestmore only),

support arm journals, barback supports with bushings and support arm wear tabs.
(Number of pieces vary according to head size.)


Center Arm Spring

Right & Left torsion spring for center arm. Spring Loaded Arm Update that takes the fight out of the center arm.  Comes with a new arm, springs and hardware.  


HCC Orbit Reel

820 & Harvestmore

Drive Arm Bolt & Trough Support

Stronger bolt that is machined instead of welded to avoid weld breaks.

Additional trough support to be welded in to reinforce section to resist action of the drive.

(See Anti-Vibration Kit below.)