Existing buildings that can't afford to lose any headroom will take advantage of our outside mount installation. For that we widen and heighten the frame and mount it to the face of your building. This results in 10 inches of depth, but no height lost.  See photos of red building.

The other type is what we call an inside mount.  There, the frame is installed inside your opening, for standard doors, only taking up 5 inches in height and 6 overall inches in width. This mount makes the door flush with the face of your building.

Before we go to print on your door, there are a few things to consider: 

Location on your building

Size of your door

Placement of the pump

Walk door/windows.  

Columns on an end wall are not load bearing.  If the door placement you are considering falls on an endwall, now would be the time to go with a larger door. Our doors typically are cheaper per square foot the larger you go.

Regarding the pump, it must be placed inside, but you can choose to place it on the left or the right. Neither option will affect the performance. In buildings with a high amount of particulates, we recommend enclosing the pump in some sort of box, such as one made out of plexi-glass, so the oil does not get polluted and clog up the pump.

​Regarding walk doors and windows, we recommend the walk door for convenience sake.  A walk door can be a great addition installed on the end of the door closest to the pump, especially when there is no other door close by.

Windows we highly recommend for safety's sake. They are a convenient way to see what is going on outside the building, and help to prevent accidents. They are also a great way to get more free light into the building. ​If you do choose to add windows they must be tempered glass.

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Door Options

Your door comes with your choice of paint color, or just the default dark gray.

The pump for your door will have a hold-to-run switch for safety. There is also built-in check and safety valves in the pump and cylinder restrictors which prevent sudden door closure.

​All doors come with pioneer couplers in case of power failure.  Any equipment with hydraulic power, such as a tractor, or skid loader will be able to operate the door.

To make our door weather-tight, we provide flexible hinge weatherstripping that moves with the door, but seals the weather out.  The heavy rubber and cloth reinforced bottom seal prevents wind, moisture and dust from entering your building.  Our hydraulic cylinders hold the door tight against the frame providing a fantastic maintenance-free seal.

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Standard Features

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​PowerLift Doors of Illinois builds one-piece, maintenance-free PowerLift hydraulic doors. We supply doors for all types of commercial, aviation, agricultural, industrial or residential markets. Located in North Central Illinois, our territory stretches from Green Bay, Wisconsin to Southern Illinois.

We build custom doors for a wide variety of applications. Examples include industrial shops, agricultural buildings, and airport hangars. If you give us an opening, we'll build you a door that fits. 

We Install Your PowerLift Door

Planning Ahead

PowerLift Doors of Illinois

Six 54' x 14' PowerLift doors on new airplane hangars 
Poplar Grove Airport, IL

Types of Door Mounts

Additional options for you to consider:

Remote package - Comes with two remotes, John will install the same day as your door.  Also can be added later.

We pride ourselves on our efficient installation process.   Depending on the type of installation, your door can be installed in as little as 2 hours.  

John will show up to the site with the door ready to hang.  He requires a telehandler or forklift that will reach the full height of the opening and a 5 gallon bucket of your preferred hydraulic oil for the pump to be provided.  

He also brings along a generator to test the door in case the power to your building is not yet ready.

Once he is finished, your contractor may install any windows, walk door or insulation and sheet the door.