Three Auger Style Options

The unique design of support arms and full-depth skid plates is what allows the Harvestmore to boast it's unmatched
​9" of vertical sickle travel.

Harvestmore Features

Any of the header control adjustments and lateral tilt adjustments can be made from the backside of the platform instead of crawling underneath it.  Cutter bar lockup and flexibility adjustments are also made from the backside of the platform.

Harvestmores are custom built for any make of combine. They are available in sizes 16' to 40'.

With an aggressive cutting system and a flat stainless steel floor, the Harvestmore platform has no match for productivity.

Three Reel Style Options

  • Standard - for small grains
  • Orbit - for short crops and soybeans
  • Flip - for tall, viney soybeans and specialty crops

Home of the Harvestmore

Standard Features

Schumacher ProDrive

Stainless Steel Floor

Hydraulic Reel Lift

Hydraulic Reel Fore-Aft

Header Control

Lateral Tilt

Poly Skid Shoes

Harvestmore Fabrication


The main frame backbone of the Harvestmore is totally welded, not bolted together, making it one of the strongest frames in the industry.

  • Fingerless - for less thrashing in the head
  • Full-fingered - for taller and heaver crops
  • Center Fingers - for small grain